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Revolutionary EZ Connect Floats Provide Durable, Cost-Saving Float Solutions

EZ Connect Floats (EZconnectfloats.com) is a global leading manufacturer of float products. It has announced the launch of its advanced line of patented, flexible, superior float solutions designed for various industries. The company offers three main types of float products: hose floats, pipe floats, and cable floats. 

More details on the float products

Cable floats, pipe floats, and hose floats are made from polyethylene material (red in color). These provide excellent durability and buoyancy. Also, these ensure maximum efficiency in various applications. The product lines are available in various sizes to accommodate different hose diameters, pipe diameters, cable diameters, and lengths. 

It provides stability to hoses, pipes, and cables. Also, it prevents them from sinking, making them ideal for use in dredging, and mining. Also other applications of these products are seen in sewage and water treatment, oil and gas, lake excavation, and offshore. 

The company's products are ideal for use in urban areas where space is limited, providing exceptional mobility.

Advantages of EZ Connect Floats over traditional floats

 These products offer numerous advantages over traditional hose, pipe, and cable floats, making them the preferred choice for customers worldwide.

  • Firstly, traditional floats are often made to only fit one size. This can be limiting in terms of their application. In comparison, EZ Connect Floats' products provide modular design (fits any diameter pipe/hose) and are highly adjustable for one-size-fits-all. Also, it can be easily expanded and modified without heavy machinery or skilled labor. 
  • Secondly, Ezconnect Floats provide fast and easy installation (10 minutes of setup and breakdown per float). Also, it provides ease of assembly and disassembly with straps vs. bolts. If there is a puncture, you only change the module that has been punctured vs. the entire float.
  • Thirdly, Ez Connect Floats is environmentally friendly, highly durable, and requires low maintenance.
  • Fourthly, it provides fast, reliable, and excellent service at a reasonable price over traditional float players.

These are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and deliver optimal performance, ensuring long-lasting durability. The company's website offers educational pages and video links for customers to learn more about the products.

The company's commitment to delivering exceptional quality and service ensures customers receive reliable and economical solutions for their diverse needs.


EZ Connect Floats is a leading provider of innovative floats, durable floats, and cost-effective float solutions for various industries. These industries include construction, mining (mining floats), and dredging (dredging floats). Plus water and sewage (sewage treatment floats), and offshore drilling (offshore drilling floats).

The organization offers a range of polyethylene floats, which provides modular design and easy assembly and disassembly of floats with straps vs. bolts. Also, these are high-quality and durable. These water treatment floats are designed to meet the specific needs of their customers. 

The company's modular float design allows for customization. The customizable floats provide customers with a tailored solution that is both efficient and cost-efficient.

The organization focuses on excellence and has a team of experts.  The company aims to deliver the best possible products and services to its customers. 

To learn more about EZ Connect Floats' float solutions, visit their website at www.ezconnectfloats.com or contact their team directly. You can also contact them at (858) 859-2385 or fill in the contact form on their website.
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