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EZ Connect Hose Floats

EZ Connect Floats are modular ‘one-size-fits-all’ floats used for hose floats, pipe floats, cables, umbilical, & anything else that needs floating. They are made of bright red polyethylene, so they are easy to see & designed to withstand extended wear in water & direct sunlight. Quick & easy to install, the EZ Connect Floats attach with corrosion-resistant stainless-steel ratchets & nylon straps, making them usable in almost every application, like salt water.

The revolutionary design

of the EZ Connect Floats allows for multiple floats to be added or subtracted to make even larger or smaller float sets. Their sturdy design makes them reliable to withstand punctures & floatation loss.

Still, if a hole occurs,

the modular design of the float allows the affected part to be replaced, or foam can be easily added to bring back the buoyancy. Reflectors can also be attached for night-time visibility or other low-visibility scenarios.

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Floats are used in dredging to maintain the buoyancy & stability of floating hoses or pipelines.

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Oil & Gas

Floats are vital in oil & gas operations, providing essential support & protection to subsea

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Hose floats are commonly used in mining operations for water management & transport. Implementa

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Marine Construction

Floats are used in marine construction as buoyancy aids for hoses & pipelines deployed in water bodi

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Wastewater Management

In wastewater management, floats are an essential accessory since they have an active role in a few

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EZ Connect Float 360-Degree View
With its revolutionary design & ultra-durable material, EZ Connect Floats is redefining the market. The floats come with a modular design to maximize shipping efficiency. Installing EZ Connect Floats is quick & easy. With no foam inserts, floats are environmentally friendly, with the option for added buoyancy with foam fill.

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Frequently Asked Questions on EZ Connect Floats & Products

The ‘one-size-fits-all’ allows for easy adaptation to different sizes & configurations, making it suitable for projects with hoses, pipes, cables, and more.

EZ Connect Floats are eco-friendly as they are made from recyclable materials & do not require foam inserts for buoyancy, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Absolutely! Our floats are made of ultra-durable polyethylene to withstand extreme weather conditions, including hot sun, freezing temperatures, & exposure to seawater.

The modular design, strap, & ratchet system allow for effortlessly replacing damaged float from the set without disrupting your project.

Yes, EZ Connect Floats are highly versatile with applications in various industries, such as dredging, oil & gas, mining, marine construction, & wastewater management.

Reflectors are essential accessories that improve the visibility of EZ Connect Floats during night-time or low-light scenarios. Their reflective properties help increase visibility, making it easier for operators to spot & navigate around the floats, enhancing safety in various applications.

Foam fill enhances the buoyancy of EZ Connect Floats, allowing them to support heavier loads or specific requirements. Adding foam provides flexibility, ensuring optimal flotation while maintaining the eco-friendly nature of the floats since foam fill can be removed or adjusted as needed.

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