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Foam Filled

Foam Filled

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  • Includes

    • Float Set – Rugged polyethylene float wedge that is red in color for high visibility on water. The material is resistant to weathering or fading.
    • 3 Ratchet Straps – High wear nylon strap with stainless-steel ratchets resistant to salt water.

  • Optional

    • Reflectors – Standard: The durable reflectors simply attach to the floats and stay sturdy to the floats. Up to 4 reflectors per float
    • Reflectors – Blinking: The reliable blinking reflectors attach to the floats and stay sturdy to the floats providing a blinking light both day and night. Up to 4 reflectors per float
    • Foam: Prefilled foam filling provides additional support for the floats in case a hole or puncture may occur. This help prevent water from filling the float
    • Foam Can Filler: Can of polyurethane-based insulating foam sealant. It expands to fill, seal, and effectively insulate gaps.

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