EZ Connect Hose Floats

EZ Connect Floats are patented modular one-size-fits-all floats that float pipes, hoses, cables, and umbilicals. The EZ Connect Floats are reusable for any size diameter of pipe or hose. They are made of bright red polyethylene material, so they are easy to see and designed to withstand extended wear in water and direct sunlight. Quick and easy to install, the EZ Connect floats attach with nylon straps and stainless-steel ratchets that are corrosion resistant, making them usable in almost every application, like salt water.

The revolutionary patented design of EZ Connect Floats allows multiple floats to be added or subtracted to make even larger or smaller float sets to fit any diameter from 1 to 40 in. Their sturdy design makes them reliable to withstand punctures and floatation loss. If a hole occurs, these durable hose floats can be substituted for another float without replacing the entire float. 

Watch Why EZ Connect Floats are Better?

EZ Connect Float 360-Degree View
With its revolutionary design & ultra-durable material, EZ Connect Floats is redefining the market. The floats come with a modular design to maximize shipping efficiency. Installing EZ Connect Floats is quick & easy. With no foam inserts, floats are environmentally friendly, with the option for added buoyancy with foam fill.

EZ Connect Float Advantages

Made from ultra-durable polyethylene, EZ Connect Floats are formed in a way to provide the most advantage of any pipe float or hose float on the market.

Use with cables and umbilicals no matter the size

Stainless steel ratchet hardware and nylon strap last in any environment

Use on multiple sizes of hose and pipes so they can be used from one project to the next

Use with cables and umbilicals no matter the size

Environmentally friendly so they can be recycled

Easy to replace a single float from a set if ever anything punctures a float

Weatherproof in hot sun, cold temperatures, or seawater

Add foam at any time to restore buoyancy

Easy to add reflectors

A pipe and hose float is a buoyant device attached to a pipe or hose used for dredging, oil and gas, mining, marine construction, and water management. The float helps keep the pipe and hose floating on the water’s surface, preventing it from sinking or becoming entangled underwater. Most pipe and hose floats, such as dredging, are commonly used in marine operations. They are typically made of lightweight and durable polyethylene and come in various sizes and shapes depending on the specific application.


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