EZ Connect Floats Advantage over Traditional Hose Floats and Pipe Floats

EZ Connect Floats modular float design provides numerous advantages over the traditional hose floats. EZ Connect Floats are modular design, so every float is the same size and shape. Also, any dredge pipe floats can be replaced, added, or removed to work on any size pipe, hose, cable, umbilical, or any object. The traditional hose floats are clamshell shape. They include a two-piece float and four to eight bolts and nuts which are used to clamp the two floater pipe together along the pipeline. Each clamshell float is sized appropriate to your pipeline diameter.


Modular hose float design can be reused on different sizes


Fits on hoses, pipes, umbilicals, cables, and other objects


Quick and easy install


Weather resistant polyethylene material

Corrosion resistant stainless steel ratchet straps

Replace only a single hose float instead of whole unit, if damaged


High level of buoyancy for more floatation


Ensure no slippage

Cost efficient shipping
Add reflectors for higher visibility day and night
No foam inserts for a more environmentally friendly product (foam optional)


Wastewater Management

In wastewater management, floats are an essential accessory since they have an active role in a few

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Oil & Gas

Floats are vital in oil & gas operations, providing essential support & protection to subsea

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Hose floats are commonly used in mining operations for water management & transport. Implementa

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Marine Construction

Floats are used in marine construction as buoyancy aids for hoses & pipelines deployed in water bodi

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Floats are used in dredging to maintain the buoyancy & stability of floating hoses or pipelines.

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EZ Connect Floats boast exceptional modularity, allowing for versatile configurations that effortlessly adapt to diverse aquatic environments. The innovative design ensures ease of assembly and customization, providing users with a flexible and efficient solution for their specific floating platform needs.


A toed design on the EZ Connect Floats prevents slipping along the pipeline by utilizing compression points strategically placed throughout the hose float which adds friction to the pipeline ensuring no slippage. To fit snug to a pipeline, the traditional dredge floats needs a rubber insert to fill the gaps or it has to use a smaller pipe float with longer bolts. This is never an issue with EZ Connect Floats because EZ Connect Floats use straps with hatchets to ensure strong hold.


The one size hose floats are available to be boxed or on a pallet. This allows for shipping via a box truck, versus a flatbed truck that are typically more expensive…

Foam Filling

Foam Filling provides more buoyancy to hose float and prevents it from sinking. It can be added at any time, making it an ideal solution for those who need their hose float to remain afloat.


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